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This website is a creative outlet forged out of man’s passion for people, travel and brand advocacy. Excited by new technology and future communication possibilities, Scott has a thorough understanding of the communication landscape and the importance of integrated strategy. Scott loves all things photography and video blending, a style consisting of colourful and energetic imagery.


            “Taking the ordinary and making it beautiful”.


Scott believes that great creativity often is the result of team effort and treats every collaboration as unique. He likes to create content with meaning and translate the essence of brands and people through imagery. 


In every assignment, he uses the skills he has developed and honed over more than two decades in the industry.


It starts with planning and logistics to make sure all projects run smoothly. Being flexible by changing direction and adapt to find a solution best suited for his clients is what Scott and his team thrive for.


Corporate videography also requires the right technical skills and gear to realise a vision and turn ideas into compelling images. Bringing together these skills, means that he is able to help his clients with their corporate and stakeholder communication.


With a wide experience in digital online content, TVC and corporate video, his experience spans across Asia Pacific.


Whether he is shooting people, products or corporate environments – his philosophy remains – it’s all about passion. He likes to capture everything he sees, the finer details and hidden emotions.


If you love creativity or just need help with your vision… Scott and his team are ready to create outstanding visuals and moving content for you.

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